Will your team’s project be successful this week?

Utilizing all 4 phases of a team work cycle for your next project or initiative could help you move from good to great as a leader.  Research shows that teams often skip essential phases and instead spend time on work they prefer to do, which leaves gaps in the team’s thinking and successful execution of a vision, concept, or idea.  By skipping phases, your team might be going straight from idea to execution without stopping to fully evaluate it.  A leader with vision could skip the ideation phase and go straight to elaboration where the whole project could get stalled or stuck.

As a leader, you will probably be strongest in one of the phases or maybe two.  For that reason, it’s important to know which one you are best at and develop a process of teamwork that allows different members to take the lead at different phases of the project or initiative.

READ THIS:  This short article explains the team work cycle quickly.  Basically, “The Team-Work Cycle can be divided into four phases: Initiation (when the task is analyzed and defined), Creation – also know as Ideation (when alternative ways and methods to approach the task are generated), Elaboration (when the various ways of accomplishing the task are developed in detail), and Completionsometimes known as Execution (when an approach is selected and the work is planned and carried out).”

DO THIS:  Take the same amount of time in each phase and move through each one, in order, for best results.  To be sure this is occurring, keep track of the time you spend on each phase.

TRY THIS:  for your team member’s and your deepest level thinking.  Stay focused on the phase you are in.  If you’re in the ideation phase, don’t allow other team members to start elaborating (saying why the idea won’t work or focusing on the details) until you move to that phase.  Sometimes it’s helpful to have separate meetings for the elaborators and the idea generators.

Leading important initiatives can be one of the most important jobs you’ll have as a leader.  Learning how to lead your team through the phases and roles of the team work cycle can help you generate the best possible outcomes.  (Hint… at Cortex, we can coach you on how to do this.)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the dedicated, hard working, beautiful woman I know that sacrifice their time and energy to be fantastic role models for their children and so many others!  I wish you the most encouraging week of the year to know that what you do and who you are is more than enough!


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