Will your team have the desire to change this week?

People don’t change because you tell them to.  People change when they have a desire to.  Desire is what triggers change.  Your beliefs, and those of your team members, are what will form your culture and the direction and speed at which you reach your goals.  Here’s some ways to apply this to achieve your desired outcomes this week.

The Business of Belief book coverREAD THIS:  Conviction drives action.  “Believing is seeing” according to this short article from Tom where he talks about how our beliefs filter information and inform our perceptions.  How will you use your team member’s desires and beliefs to motivate them to change this week?

CONSIDER THIS:  Beliefs aren’t always built on facts and truth.  Many times, we form beliefs that distort our perception of reality.  The first step in any change you want to make within yourself or anyone else is to discover what core belief is driving the behavior.  If you believe that hard work pays off, your experiences have supported that, and someone tell you that working 4 hours a week will make you more money, you’re going to have a difficult time changing because what that person has told you doesn’t align with your core belief.

You can’t change anyone.  As a leader, your job is to develop your team by tapping into their highest-level thinking.  Discover their beliefs, help them have new experiences that will form beliefs that support success through achievement of their goals. Well, only if they desire to do so, of course.

Have you reached your leadership potential?  We may be able to help.  Contact me about our upcoming Fall classes.

A big THANK YOU to Kevin Scott for doing such a good job hosting our Launch List series and to Brian Duvall, our Director of Digital Media for all the work he does behind the scenes.  THANK YOU to each of you who have supported our work this year to help leaders, like you, reach their desired outcomes. We’ve enjoyed all our work this year, including working with teams from MemberOne Federal Credit Union, Goodwill of the Valleys, Interactive Achievement, Colors on Parade, Cleveland Clinic, PAML, CMR Institute, Global Metal Finishing, Hanwha, MB Contractors, City of Roanoke, and so many, many others!  Thank you!

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