Will your gifts be appreciated this week?

It’s quite normal for us to give in a way that we would want to receive.  The platinum rule, though, is “do unto others as they would have done unto them”.  The best thing you can do is to ask this one simple question to each of your team members.

When you are successful this year, how would you like to be rewarded?

Here’s some other tips for getting appreciated for the gifts you’ll give this year:
TRY ONE OF THESE:  Here’s one of the best lists I found for fresh ideas for demonstrating appreciation to a team member.   I thought things like sending a letter of praise to their spouse or family was unique along with ideas like:  volunteering to do their least favorite task or giving them a standing ovation from the entire team. 
TRY SOME OXYTOCIN Known as the love hormone, recent research shows that employees who perform under the influence of oxytocin perform better and are more trustworthy at work.  Even a simple handshake can set off these hormones.  CLICK HERE to read more to set up best practices for employee recognition at your company.
WATCH THIS: 10,000,000 employees were surveyed by Gallup and the vast majority had not heard a positive, meaningful comment from their boss in months!  Learn more in the video (3:40 min)
Being a champion, you know that appreciating those that serve with you is a foundational part of reaching your organizations highest levels of success.  Be generous with your words of encouragement.  Be creative with ways of recognizing your team members.  Be spontaneous with praise.  You will not run out of pointing out what went right on your team this week and they will certainly never tire of hearing you say it.
THANK YOU  to Brian Duvall who has pioneered so many of our projects on nights and weekends and whenever we needed it from him!  You are wonderful Brian… THANK YOU!!
and THANK YOU to each of you!  I write in the hope that these reports will help just one of you through a challenging week… that it might encourage and inform you as you navigate complex issues in your work environment.  It is my joy and privilege when I get notes back about how it has helped you.  Keep them coming!  Your words of encouragement are what sustain my passion and commitment to these posts.  Joyce Waugh, President of the Roanoke Regional Chamber is a weekly reader as is Kimberly Eakin, Debbie Lovelace, Raquel Rothe, Monica Rockicki, Jennifer Walker and so many others!  Thank you for your continued support!
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