Will you use the power of vulnerability this week?

Courage isn’t the absence of fear.  Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  Serving Leaders have courage.  Someone asked me this week if I thought he has what it takes to lead his company.  My answer, because he had the courage to be authentic and even ask the question, was a resounding yes!
After years of research on vulnerability, Brene Brown delivered her now famous TEDxTalk. In this 20 minute video you’ll learn:  (CLICK HERE TO WATCH)
  • Shame is the fear of disconnection – Is there something about me that if someone else knows it or sees it that I won’t be worthy of connection? (hint: the less you talk about it the more you have it)
  • Authenticity – In order for connection to happen, you have to let go of who you think you should be and simply be who you are.
  • Worthiness – the only difference between people that feel a strong sense of love and belonging and those that don’t is that they believe they are worthy of love and belonging.
  • Vulnerability – the same people believed that what made them vulnerable was necessary and also made them beautiful.
  • Numbing – we numb vulnerability.  We are the most  in debt, medicated, obese, addicted, cohort in US history.  Unfortunately, you can not selectively numb certain emotions and not others.
  • Willingness – to invest in a relationship with someone that may or may not work out.
It’s okay to be uncertain.
On this Easter Sunday, I share with you that you are enough.  You are strong enough, smart enough, capable enough, to be vulnerable, connect and lead.
Just do you.  Be alive.  You are enough.
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