Will you use the CEO of your brain this week?

The prefrontal cortex is known as the “CEO of your brain”.  When your amygdala has been “hijacked” your CEO is out to lunch for up to 4 hours!  Since the prefrontal cortex is so important to your success, here’s some information that might help you get to know it better, but more importantly, know when it is turned on and when it is turned off:

READ THIS:  Your prefrontal cortex is in charge of your “executive functions”.  Things like focusing attention, organizing thoughts and problem solving, foreseeing possible consequences, impulse control, shifting behavior when situations change, and other important functions that result in “good judgment”.

Prefrontal CortexTRY THIS:  A great first step is being aware of  which area of your brain you are utilizing when you are faced with making an important decision.  If you are experiencing anxiety (see last week’s article about an Amygdala Hijacking, your prefrontal cortex may not be fully engaged.   Check to make sure your breathing is normal, your pulse is steady, and your mind is clear before you make any impactful decisions.  That might be why the wisest among us advise us to “sleep on it”.

WATCH THIS:  to find out how we decide using different parts of our brain.  This short, 2 min video, reminds us that people like pilots, who may be faced with some of the highest stressors possible, PRACTICE making decisions during their training.  They simulate stressful situations that may arise and then learn how to use their prefrontal cortex and not be overwhelmed by their emotions.

Leaders, like you, are counted on to make major decisions that effect your team and your organization.  It’s important that you are in the right state of mind when you are making those decisions.  By understanding how your brain works and using that information to serve your team YOU exhibit qualities of a true champion!

Thank you to the fantastic professionals at the Conference yesterday  that were enthusiastically present to learn about how to build their personal brand.  To have a standing room only crowd was exciting!

Thank you, also, to our entire team including Taylor Ricotta, Dylan James, Brian Duvall, Chuck Hawthorne and Ross Kirtley who all worked together to help us launch our new software, www.gomonti.com with the leaders at Cleveland Clinic this past week.  My amygdala was hijacked a few times but no major decisions were made while it was happening and all worked out well 🙂

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