Will you turn on your creative brain this week?

When you have a  sudden insight, or “Aha” moment, as some might say, it turns out that what has occurred in your brain is a called a gamma spike.  

In order to mobilize this brain ability, it’s best to take in as much information on the the topic as possible and then, let go.  Rather than grappling with the problem head-on, Daniel Goleman in The Brain & Emotional Intelligence: New Sights states, just let go.  The next phase of creativity occurs when high alpha rhythms signal mental relaxation, a state of openness, of daydreaming and drifting, where we are more receptive to new ideas.  This sets the stage for the gamma spike or “Aha” moment.
READ THIS: to find out if you have any of the 8 bad habits that might be crushing your creativity like the expert syndrome or fearing failure or how about discouragement from other people?
TRY THIS to be more creative.  Mind-mapping, free writing, structured brainstorming, relaxing to change your brainwaves, or making a creative date with yourself.
You can be a great leader of creative thought without having a screaming high IQ.  In fact, research shows that there is no correlation between IQ and creativity beyond a pretty average 120 IQ score.  To solve the problems you face in your business and as you develop your teams, creativity is necessary.  Just switch on your genius ability and prove you are the champion that I know you are!
Thank you, this week, to Dylan James whose young entrepreneur spirit, commitment and drive truly inspire me!
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