Will you take time to think this week?

The significance of time management for leaders is not so you can do more, it’s so you have more time to think. If you are constantly doing then who is leading?  If you are endlessly busy who is taking the time needed to investigate and research the questions you should be asking yourself and your team?  Here’s some things to create time to think about this week.

READ THIS:  The book Time To Think by Nancy Kline.  You’ll learn techniques to design a Thinking Environment for your team.  You’ll learn the components like attention, incisive questions, equality, appreciation, encouragement, diversity and others.
LISTEN:  to your team members.  Ask them questions that challenge them to think for themselves.  End meetings with a round that gives everyone a chance to speak for a couple of minutes so that the introverts get heard along with the outspoken one’s in the group. When you or your team is stuck, ask them what they might be assuming that could be limiting their thinking.  I like what Nancy said in her book, “Listen as if your leadership life depended on it.  It does.”
ASK YOURSELF:  questions that elevate your thinking like the one I just heard on a HBR Ideacast podcast (free on iTunes – these 15 minute segments are fantastic!) “Who do you want your customers to become?”  or one from Time to Think… “If I already knew that I am good and admired, how would I champion others today? or If I weren’t afraid, what would I be risking?”
Because you are reading this I know that your leadership integrity matters to you.  Your ability to rise above the action of reaction is directly related to the time you give yourself to develop the right mindset and thinking patterns.  I have a great deal of confidence that you are someone who will influence many people in your lifetime and know that allowing yourself space to ponder will result in the desired outcomes you are working so hard for.
Thank you to Amy Foster of Unbridled Performance who we work with at Cleveland Clinic for introducing us to this book and the Serving Leadership Toolkit.
I had a blast at the Virginia Leadership Conference for SHRM last week where we delivered the keynote speech and stayed to coach many of their top performers.  We were also privileged to work with VMGMA to coach them on their new mission and vision statements.  What a great group of dedicated medical professionals.  We were inspired and honored to be a part of both events that were held at the Wyndam Virginia Crossings Hotel in Richmond. (What luck?) Thank you to Thomas Miller, John Kates, and Coy Renick for their support.  We saw lots of old friends and were excited to meet some great new ones.
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