Will you take responsibility for your stress this week?

If you’re looking to improve your EQ (Emotional Intelligence), the first skill is to be able to quickly reduce your stress. As a leader, your ability to quickly calm yourself down and diffuse stress helps you stay balanced, focused, and in control. Some of these tools, techniques and strategies might be helpful this week.

READ THIS: To reduce stress you need to first identify the true sources of your stress that might be your own stress-inducing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Lynda's daily smoothie

Try this

TRY this: my personal recipe for starting your day with the right nutrients to kick-start your brain and prepare for challenges. Smoothie (I use a Cook’s machine and it only take 3 minutes to make). 1 cup spinach leaves, 1/2 cup of frozen fresh blueberries, one large fresh frozen strawberry, 1 packet of Trivia, 1 scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein, and 2 small scoops of Greens from ItWorks (My friend Debbie Walkiewicz sells the Greens… I just love them!), 1 cup of Light Vanilla Soy Milk. Blend and enjoy!

WATCH THIS: because you don’t want to be this guy!

Leaders, like you, who become champions, anticipate their most stressful periods and plan accordingly. If you know this week is going to be stressful, be sure to create strategies that will help you stay calm, motivated, and thoughtful. The team you lead will be looking to you for guidance.

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