Will you take on yourself this week?

You might be interested to learn that IQ isn’t nearly as important a factor to success as EQ (Emotional Intelligence).  A cornerstone to EQ is self awareness.  Getting honest feedback, regularly, from the right people who are unafraid to issue it to you, can be beneficial.  HERE’s some research on IQ vs EQ and an article that describes both.

READ THIS… to understand some of the key reasons why self awareness is critical to effective leadership.  It aides in things like developing intuitive decision-making, which skill gaps you might have, and the strengths you have that you might not be utilizing enough.

WATCH THIS… a short video (2:19) about Jim Clark, billionaire co-founder of Netscape about taking on anyone, including yourself.

TRY THIS one question self-awareness test… “Do you say one thing and do another?”  This article points out the importance of your actions being in alignment with your words.

The best leaders I know are on a constant quest for higher levels of self awareness.  If you’ve read this far, I know that you are a leader that cares deeply about the effect you are having on the teams you lead.  Champions, like you, are not afraid to take on anything, especially yourself.

Challenge yourself to take the next step in leadership by attending one of the Leadership Courses that start in September.  CLICK HERE to learn more.  
Thank you to my husband, Allen, and my parents for a wonderful week in the mountains.  It was the perfect place and with the best company to practice self awareness.

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