Will you take a moment to recalibrate this week?

We were in class one day and a brilliant client of ours, Monica Rokicki, explained that she loved coming to the group training sessions each month because it helped her recalibrate herself and her business to stay on-track to the vision she has created for both.

My cousin visited me where I am staying in La Jolla today.  She’s been divorced, been through a couple of bad relationships and is in one now she really feels good about and thinks will work.  She asked me what I thought was the secret to my happy marriage.  There’s no “secret” I told her, relationships take time and work.   One thing Allen and I do, though, that I think is key, is that we communicate regularly on what might need to be adjusted so that we can continue to be healthy, happy, and remain madly in love with one another.   Making minor, small degrees of change, is much less difficult and jarring then waiting months to address issues that may have arisen.  I explained that since we talked regularly about small changes and adjustments it didn’t feel like criticism or confrontation as much as it was a regular conversation that always resulted in both of us getting what we needed and wanted from one another.

Relationships in the workplace are the same.  To remain a strong team every member needs consistent calibration so that all parties will remain engaged in what they are doing together.  Every team and organization could benefit from communicating the following in regular and planned intervals:

  1. What is going right?  Discuss the bright spots.
  2. What is missing?
  3. Is there anything that needs to be done differently by any team member?
  4. Is there something anyone or the team needs to start doing or stop doing?
  5. Are the actions you are taking in alignment with your principles and vision?

Sometimes you need a physical and spiritual recalibration.  A friend gifted me his home to stay in for my personal retreat for 6 days and it couldn’t have come at a better time or be more deeply appreciated.  The temperatures are amazing here.  I’m staying in a large and spectacular home with 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean from most rooms.   I have been in solitude and quiet reflection, prayer, meditation, gone on short runs, long walks and taken many naps until today when I was visited by my cousin.  It’s been a long time since I took time totally to myself to thoroughly rest my mind and body and to write.  Write without a deadline.  Write what was flowing out of me without editing it.  Write from my heart in long hand with a notebook pad and pen.  It has felt wonderful!

This was my view as I awoke this morning and then ran on the Pacific coastline to the sound of seagulls and waves crashing against the cliffs.  I hope I can gift something like this to one of you one day.  The time has been deeply restorative.

La Jolla

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