Will you request feedback on what you could be doing differently this week?

It’s here!  The FREE, brand new recording with author Douglas Stone, and host Kevin Scott.  If you are looking to increase your executive presence and leadership abilities, this podcast will quickly help you discover how to develop the skill of asking for and properly receiving feedback.

Douglas Stone

Douglas Stone, Author of Thanks for the Feedback

LISTEN TO THIS:  A 15-minute recording, produced just for readers of the Launch List and clients of Cortex Leadership.  In this first part of a two-part series, Douglas, along with their host, Kevin Scott, discuss how leaders can receive feedback effectively and not just give it. In today’s fast-paced info economy, the annual review simply isn’t frequent enough for keeping up to date on your performance and direction. Douglas shares practical tips and strategies for seeking out feedback and offering feedback to other leaders in your organization.

Douglas Stone is co-author of  Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback Well.  It is available in hardcover and as an audiobook.  I found both to be extremely helpful in understanding the way people process feedback.  I had always wondered why some people would take feedback they received and use it to improve the results they were getting and others simply focused on most feedback as criticism.  There definitely is an art and science to receiving feedback and learning it could mean the difference in you and your team reaching your desired outcomes this year.

Thank you to Douglas Stone for taking the time to record this with us, Kevin Scott for being such a great host. A big shout out to Brian Duvall who handles the digital upload and graphics!  It is a privilege and honor to produce these recordings with such fantastic professionals.  I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy the process of creating them for you.

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