Will you realize your leadership potential this week? Lynda’s Launch List wk of 6-11-12

Potential = Skills + Resources + Behaviors.  Do you have another leadership gear you haven’t shifted into yet?  Maybe this will help you identify what to focus on.

READ THIS… 8 indicators for high-potential leaders.  Things like leaders who synergize data to make sound decisions, their ability to seek information and have a broader view, their drive and balancing inherent tensions stand out from the list, but read more to see if there are any skills or behaviors that you can focus on this week.

WATCH THIS… to be inspired and find out that Will Smith’s view is that working hard on your skills is much more important than the level of talent you have if you want to power up your potential.

TAKE THIS… free test from MindTools.com if you want a quick snapshot of your leadership skills.

Summer can be an excellent time to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation, not to mention reconnecting with friends and family.  Champions don’t have much of an off-season, though.  They plan accordingly so that they are always in top condition and never lose sight of their long-term goals.  YOU are a leader and a champion.  Take the time that you need to experience a good, deep, breath, and then hit the ground running again.  Winners want it more than the other guys.

THANK YOU to Kevin Cameron of www.247HuntingTV.com for some inspiration of content in this week’s article.

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