How will you influence your company culture this week?

An adaptive company culture that is aligned to your business goals can help you outperform your competitors by up to 200% some studies have shown.  It may be worth your time this week to assess your culture by using these tips, tools, and techniques that I found to be useful:

READ THIS:  Have you clarified your mission with all your employees and is your workplace one of high integrity?  How high are your accountability standards?  This article is a great place to start learning about, assessing, and developing your desired company culture.

TRY THESE:   Things like defining your core values, camaraderie, celebrations, community, communication (seeing a C trend from the author of the article?) along with a few others can really help.

BE THIS:  Comic book simple with the definition of your company culture.  HERE’s statement on their culture.  Clear, concise and simple so everyone can understand and execute with excellence.

WATCH THIS:   to find out what Steve Jobs of Apple, Jim Collins of Good to Great and Tony Hsieh of Zappos think about how important developing and maintaining core values are.  Things like the moment you feel like you have to tightly manage someone – you might have made a hiring mistake.  Great cultures attract great people who are self disciplined, self managed, are driven to make great results.

As a leader, you are guided by your core beliefs and values.  Culture will drive your company and the people that will help you build it.  Make the time to monitor your culture and add people to your team that enhance it!

Thank you to an outstanding entrepreneur, Monica Rokicki of Better Building Works who is a weekly reader of this list and who submitted this week’s topic.  Great job on the amazing growth you and your talented team are experiencing, Monica, and the example of a fantastic business culture that you are setting.




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