Will you notice the 10 warning signs you might lack Executive Presence?

Your success in achieving what you want for  your team, your organization, your customers and for yourself, begins with your ability to connect, clearly communicate and influence others.  Many would say, it depends on your Executive Presence.  Are you interested in the  the 10 warning signs that you might lack Executive PresenceCLICK HERE.  (You’ll find things like… Do you speak without a clear message?  Do you dump data rather than connecting?  Do you think presenting is PowerPoint? Are you unaware of your communication impact?)

If you want to take the first step to improving your Executive Presence, begin with what you want and why you want it.

What do you want?  Why do you want it?  Who is going to help you get it?  How are they going to help?  Those are the four questions most important to reaching your desired outcomes as a leader.

DO THIS:  Determine a “what” that others can feel passionate about.  Your “what” has to extend beyond you and your personal desires and reach into the minds and hearts of those that you serve.  Your “what” is not a thing, it’s a vision.  Your vision should identify direction and purpose and create focus.  If positioned properly, it will create loyalty through involvement and ownership from others.  The right vision will result in efficiency and productivity for yourself and your team.   A vision isn’t a goal like increasing your sales 10% next month.

Martin Luther King saw a world of equality regardless of your race, color or creed while Steve Jobs had a vision to put a computer in the hands of everyone.  The Founding Fathers had a vision of a new nation.  What is your vision for yourself, your team, your customers, or your organization?  Stay within the scope of what you can control.

BECOME THIS:  Very clear on WHY you want it.  Your why has to be pretty big so that when you or others are stuck or highly challenged during the course of executing it and the question comes up, “Why must I suffer?” You, or they, can answer it with the “why” and be satisfied to keep moving forward.  Clarity is a key aspect of a strong Executive Presence.  Is your “why” clear and does your plan include communicating it regularly?

START THIS: Digging deeper.  Discuss your thoughts with others that are more experienced and have achieved results you want to create.  If you want to reach your highest aspirations be sure to surround yourself with great thinkers that challenge you.

KNOW THIS:  If your vision is big enough you will need others to help you achieve it.  Your ability to influence and inspire others will be essential to your success.  What is your level of influence?  Do you have gravitas? (“the packaging that attracts impressed attention, allowing your hardcore skills, accumulated knowledge, depth of experience and raw talent to stand out and draw others to you.” )

What skills will you need to run the organization or the team you have always thought you could build?  Are your skills and behaviors in alignment with others that run that size organization or team?

Your potential, as a leader, can be measured by the sum of your skills, resources and behaviors.  What are those?  One I know you possess is the desire to learn more or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.  We may be able to help turn that desire to learn into the fine-tuned skill of execution.

Your Executive Presence will determine your ability to communicate and influence others.  Are you ready to measure it and finally see what type of leader you are capable of becoming?

Our Great Leadership Practices series of  group sessions classes will begin next month.  Let us know if you would like to find out more or if you want a free, one-on-one, 30-minute, consultation, to measure your potential.


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