Will you move from good to great this week?

Good is the enemy of great… that’s the opening line of Jim Collin’s now famous book entitled Good to Great.  Champions, from what I’ve observed, don’t settle until they’ve achieved great.   Ask my friend, Bettina Altizer, if coming in second would have been acceptable when she was the World Champion in Powerlifting.  (Never using any type of drug of any kind, Bettina was able to squat 452 pounds standing 5’1″ and weighing only 132 pounds).  

READ THIS9 things successful people do differently.  This post on Harvard Business Review’s blog by Heidi Grant Halvorson is a shortened version of her book of the same name.  A few worth noting are having grit, knowing exactly how much farther you have to go, being realistic, but my favorite is focusing on getting better rather than being good.  Turns out that research has found that successful people just focus on getting better each day, each week, each year until they obtain greatness.

DO THISBe militant about eliminating distractions according to this INC article entitled 7 things highly productive people do.  When determining what you want to achieve, work backwards from goals, to milestone, to tasks.  If you are still trying to multi-task – STOP!  Figure out when to check email and when to make the contact a phone call.

WATCH THIS… a video with the author of Good to Great, Jim Collins.  He explains the famous “Hedgehog Concept” from the book that their research showed was the difference maker between corporations that developed from good to great.
If you’ve read this far, you are a leader that wants to obtain great.  DON’T SETTLE, then.  Don’t settle for mediocre when excellent is possible.  Don’t settle for people that pull your organization down… look for and reward those that elevate your company to it’s highest level.  BE GREAT this week!

Welcome to all the new participants that begin your Leadership classes this month!  We are happy to begin our work together and know that each of you will achieve great things!

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