Will you make time for the people part of profits this week? Lynda’s Launch List April 30, 2012

A high level connection is one that empowers you and the other person.  Fast is slow with people and slow is fast in building empowering relationships. (Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).  Are you trying to be too efficient with people? Try some of these techniques this week to build stronger connections with the people that matter most and who will help you reap profits professionally and personally.

Now that's connecting!Your TEAM… Be sure to ask your team members what matters most to each of them.  When they achieve something, what would they like to have as a reward?  Sometimes what you think is a benefit isn’t one to them.

Your CLIENTS… Have you identified the top 20% of your clients and created a plan to let them know, on a regular basis, how much you appreciate them and find out how you can best serve them?  If your clients are your team members, are you blocking time to listen to them and address their biggest challenges so they feel heard?

Your FAMILY… Do you have consistent, specified times, that your family members know they can spend one-on-one time with you each day or week?  Inconsistency can create uncertainty.  Even 30 minutes spent consistently can create powerful connections over time. (Don’t forget your closest friends in this equation.)

YourSELF…Do you have a specified time each day, if even for just a few minutes, where you connect with that part of you that ignites your higher level thinking?  Even 10 minutes of a daily practice of quiet, contemplative time can reap rewards that will benefit you and those that matter most to you.

WATCH this… a friend sent me this TED talks link (19:48) to me and I think it’s worth the watch from a psychologist who specializes in understanding the connections we now make through technology.  Definitely ties into the fast is slow with people concept.

As a leader you have an opportunity, each day, to raise the conversation and connection to one that empowers and brings out the best in those around you.  It is up to you…no one else.  Champions, like you, aren’t lead by their emotions, but instead control them and use them to motivate and create an environment that will serve their highest intentions.
THANK YOU to Derrick Chapman for the TED video, and to my husband Allen for always being the sounding board for these postings.

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