Will you make excuses or find solutions this week?

There’s 2 weeks left of 2012.  Have you reached your desired outcomes for the year?  Reaching your highest level goals normally are a result of your daily behaviors and the things you focus on.  We can have it all, it seems, just not all at once.  If you or your team have been making excuses for not reaching goals you previously set, here are some things to consider and ways to make the most out of this week:

CELEBRATE THIS:  The many, many, many times you have done things right this year!  Celebrate yourself and celebrate your team for all the great solutions they’ve found this year.  Be sure to end the year reminding each person on your team, and in your life about what went right this year!

STOP THIS:  Making excuses for why you or your team didn’t reach a goal you have set.  Take responsibility as the leader for the failure, assess your current reality and determine if the goal you set was based on you and your team’s skills, resources and behaviors.  THIS article is a great one to clarify your role as a leader in this process. (this is a good one, but long. may need to print it)

BE THIS:  The champion and leader that can say “I’m sorry” or “I apologize” when appropriate.  There is strength in those words and appreciation when they are heard.  You are capable of accomplishing amazing things, each day, each week, and each year if you work with your team to achieve them.  THIS article will give you some tips on how to lead your team.

TAKE THE TIME:  to design your desired outcomes (what you want) and “why” you want them and WRITE THEM DOWN.  Then, take the baby steps to get there with the help of your team and other resources.  You don’t have to have the “how” totally figured out.  The how will unfold as you obtain more focus, clarity and information as you go along.  Here’s a VIDEO with Brian Tracy on the 5 common myths of goals. (just about 5 min)

 YOU are in control of your reactions to any situation that you are faced with.  As a champion, take responsibility.  Taking responsibility empowers you.  Who do you need to be in the next few weeks to end the year with pride and a feeling of satisfaction?  What does your team need to hear or receive from you to feel empowered to enter 2013 with a sense of purpose and mission?

 You are a champion.  Demonstrate it. Feel it. Communicate it… in everything you do.

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