Will you lead by being curious this week?

Recent studies using fMRIs have shown that we have a higher level of retention for information that we were initially most curious about.  Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.”   So, what might you do to enhance curiosity in yourself and others?  Here’s some tools and techniques you can use to get started:

USE THESE:  Tools to foster curiosity.  You’ll discover how to fire the Seeking Newness neural pathway in your brain by using techniques like asking “why not?” when someone says something can’t be done or asking yourself each morning, “What am I curious about today?”

TRY THESE:  Curiosity as a coaching tool with your team.  Being authentic, asking open ended questions while not interrogating, and practice, practice, practice are just a few you will find in this article.

WATCH THIS: to find out how important Bill Gates thinks curiosity is.  (2 min 33 sec)

If you have one trait as a leader that will move you forward the fastest, it may be to be live in a state of curiosity.  Rather than making statements to which you are certain about, spend a day in wonderment and curiosity by asking yourself, “What if I’m wrong and they are right about that?”  “If I didn’t know anything about my business or industry, what would I be most curious about?”

I am very curious about what YOU are curious about right now.  What one thing would you like to know more about when it comes to your ability to lead more effectively?


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