Will you laugh out loud this week?

Nothing cures stress and anxiety more instantly than a great belly laugh.  Sometimes we just take ourselves and our situations too seriously.  This week, try opening your discussions or meetings with something that people may smile about.

Here’s a great video that has clips of some of the funniest game show moments.   It’s about 6 minutes and had Allen and me laughing out loud this weekend!

When I was growing up my father was an artist, teacher, and also worked for the Homestead News Leader in Florida.  He was really good at making people laugh, so he created a comic strip that was published in our local paper called “Ol’ Uncle Ned”.  Many of our dinner discussions were around something that would probably land in the paper the next day.   He would try the jokes on us and see if we laughed.  Funny, I do that with new material I come up with for class now…try it out on a small group I can trust and see if it sticks, then use it on a broader audience.

Anyway, I’m lucky to have been given access to the original comic strip artwork from the 1970’s that my father had archived and thought that each week at the bottom of the Launch List you might find it fun to follow the characters.  I hope it will make you laugh or smile.  For me, it helps me remember how many times my father has made me laugh out loud in my lifetime and how lucky I am to have been a part of his creativity growing up.  Thanks, daddy!


Man of butter


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