Will you hit reset this week?

As a leader, if you find you or your team stuck,  it might be time to hit the “reset” button.  Here’s some tools and techniques that might help:

TRY THIS:  Laughter.  Find something funny about the situation, about yourself or just find something funny that will make you laugh.  It’s a great stress reliever and magical diffusion device.  HERE’s a video  (37 seconds) if you need a reset right now.

DO THIS:   Sleep on it.  Turns out that our brains need to unravel our thoughts and put them back together to fully process information and edit itself.

WITH YOUR TEAM:    You might need a reset button to resolve conflicts within your team.  In this article, you’ll learn some of the skills you will need like:  self-awareness, managing difficult emotions, self-motivation, empathy,  and preserving relationships.

IN A RELATIONSHIP:   try switching places with the person you have a disagreement with.  Other steps include taking your emotions out of the driver’s seat, making a repair and evaluating it’s effectiveness, and discussing the repairs together.

Knowing how to quickly reset relationships, your mindset, or your attitude can serve you well as a leader.  Discover the best reset buttons for your team this week and use them to breeze through any obstacles that might pop up.

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