Will you have one fan this week?

In the quest to obtain new fans and “friends” or become hyper linked-in, we might be ignoring the fans right in front of us.  Remembering the old saying that “a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush” could lead to the desired outcomes you want to achieve this week.  In building valuable relationships it is the quality, not the quantity, that matters.

DO THIS:  Make a list of the most important people in your life and those that have had the biggest impact on the growth and well being of your business.  Take a few minutes to create time on your calendar to send each one of them a note, give them a quick call, or just send them an email of appreciation for what they have done to help you.

BE THIS:  Conscious of the value of each person you come in contact with this week.  Ask yourself, are you bringing value to them or are they bringing value to you or both?  Who are the five people you will spend the most amount of time with this week?  Do they help you feel empowered and think at a higher level?

TRY THIS:  Focus on building one relationship at a time.  Build one fan at a time.  Spend your time wisely by creating a customer and collaborator strategy.  Start by categorizing your customers from highest to lowest net income vs energy and expenses exerted value.   You can do the same for your personal and professional relationships.  For those, rank them by the level of empowerment, encouragement, trust and mutual respect you each bring to the relationship.

One great, committed, wise, fan can make all the difference in the world to you.  One fan has changed my life completely.  My husband Allen has not only been the best father I could have ever imagined for my daughter, Melody, he has also been my biggest fan.  He has given me unconditional love, support, encouragement, and grace through what can only be described as a wild ride.  I count myself lucky to have other fans, too, that have been essential to my success, health and wellbeing.

As a leader, remember to focus on the fan in front of you this week.  Let them know they are appreciated, be present and listen to them, be sure they feel heard, and learn from them.  Take what you learn and earn another fan and another and another, building one fan at a time.

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