Will your influence be intentional this week?

Tim Tassopoulos, COO of Chik-fil-A, says it this way: leadership is intentional influence.  In the last two posts about Executive Presence we discussed how to choose the right channel for your communication and the 10 warning signs you might lack executive presence.  This week, you can challenge yourself to be more intentional about the influence you will have when communicating with your team, your customers, or even within your industry or local community.

READ THIS:  Here’s four reasons why you might lack influence You might not think it’s your job to address entrenched habits, or you might lack a theory of influence, you could confuse talking with influencing, and finally, you might believe in silver bullets.

DO THIS: Build trust.  Think of it like earning and surrendering chips.  Each interaction you have with someone you get a chip, give a chip up, or there are no chips exchanged.  If you are constantly late to meetings and reliability is important to members of your team, your customers, or those you report to, then you lose a trust chip each time you arrive late.   If a member of your team needs your help on a project and you submit something that demonstrates your competency and high standards you might earn a chip.  The most important thing to this system is to ask those that you serve how you can build chips with them.  Just because involvement is the most important thing to you in building trust, it doesn’t mean that it is to them.

How you influence others will impact your ability to lead them effectively towards your organization’s desired outcomes.   Becoming a great influencer is a skill.  Our newest course that starts in the Fall is called “Influencing for Impact” and focuses on building your executive presence in a way that will serve you, your team, and your organization to the success you know you have the potential to achieve.

Let me know if you would like more information on our courses this Fall.

We appreciate the feedback we get from these Launch Lists.  I thought I would share one with you that came recently from Monica Rokicki-Guajardo, President at Better Building Works:

Recently our team was challenged with a serious customer issue that needed to resolved first thing Monday morning.  Boy, were we glad we had a Launch List in hand to help us navigate it!  The lists we receive each week continually keep our minds moving toward ‘better’.   It’s not the individual Launch Lists that I love – it’s the way they all can work together. Thanks!
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