Will you give feedback effectively this week?

From our recent Launch List research, we found that many leaders are challenged with how and when to give necessary feedback to a team member.  Giving the appropriate feedback, at the right time, can make a big difference in the results you are getting with employees.

It’s not enough to give your team members feedback once a year during their performance review.  When your team members don’t receive feedback properly or regularly, research shows that the results can be that they are less confident, more anxious and insecure.  The lack of sufficient feedback may result in team members not setting the appropriate priorities and when they feel ignored, their enthusiasm will decline and they will become less committed to the organization.

DO THIS:   to give feedback effectively.

Try to make it a positive process and experience, be timely, make it regular, prepare your comments, be specific, criticize in private, use “I” statements, limit your focus,  talk about positives, too, and provide specific suggestions according to this article in Mindtools.

DON’T DO THIS:  make generalizations (ie: I don’t like your attitude), talk about attitude once a year in a performance review, say, “You did a good job, but…”, ignore performance challenges, assign more work when praising, or discourage communication according to a great article from Vantage Point. 

WATCH THIS:  a 2:34-minute video as a great example giving feedback.  It gives you specific language you can use the next time you need to communicate negative feedback.

KNOW THIS:  giving feedback well is a skill.  No one was born with it.  Learning the most effective methods and practicing them can improve your ability to use feedback to informing and motivating others towards performing at their personal best.  Knowing what you expect and whether they are hitting the mark or missing it can lead to outstanding results, quickly.


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