Will you help get someone unstuck this week?

If you are the one that is stuck or its one of your team members, conducting a good thinking pair session with a trusted ally, using the following questions, might help.  Why not schedule an appointment with yourself or someone else to go over these questions this week?

These questions are some of the ones we use in our Cortex Leadership classes and in our coaching sessions to help clients find their way through their most challenging situations:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. What are the present facts around this situation?  (Just the facts, not your interpretation of the facts.)
  3. What have you tried already?  What difference did those actions make?
  4. What has happened that led you to where you are now?
  5. What have you accomplished so far?
  6. What strengths exist?  What barriers or obstacles?
  7. What has been working?  What hasn’t?
  8. What resources do you have right now that are available for you to use?

ExpectationsOur fall classes are filling fast.  We are offering two classes that will start in September.  One is Manager to Leader which helps any level manager or leader create strategies for leading their teams through any type of change.  The other one is Influencing for Impact.  This course is one that focuses on increasing the value of your professional brand.  Influencing for Impact develops your executive presence unlike any other course of it’s kind.

Either of these courses might be a good fit for you or one of your team members.  We have hundreds of participants that have successfully completed courses with us.  Let me know if you would like more information.

It was great to see people like Tracy Hale, Sheryl Crawford, Charlotte Mason, Donna Tatum, this week and so many others I knew.  I loved meeting new friends like Kelly Wolfe, Michele Dollberg and Shawn Koeser.  The conference was full of great content and speakers – great job to the organizing committee and to Tina Ragland, the President of Roanoke Valley SHRM.

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