Will you get smarter this week? Lynda’s Launch List for week of April 23, 2012

Our brains are the most complicated organs in our body and require 20% of the oxygen from our lungs and 20% of the blood from our heart to maintain. As a leader, your memory can be one of the best tools you have. Here’s some ways to protect one of your biggest assets.

FEED it.. the top 5 foods to keep your brain healthy. Blueberries, almonds, wild salmon, green tea and dark chocolate. CLICK HERE to find out others and what NOT to eat.
KNOW it’s capacity… the brain can hold 1 million gigabytes of information with the way that the neurons work together to store data. That’s equivalent to 3 million hours of TV shows stored on your DVR. So, it can store as much information as you want it to… the trick is retrieving it when you need it.
Keep Your Brain YoungWHAT makes your brain age… You have more control then you might think when it comes to how fast your brain ages. FIND OUT here what research has discovered.
REMEMBER more by using these techniques…and know that laughter, managing stress, getting enough sleep and exercise, and challenging your brain will net big dividends when it comes to it functioning well. HERE’s the most comprehensive article on your brain that I could find. This one’s worth printing.
WATCH this…about the #1 rule for your brain. You might design your workspace in a completely different way or change the way you hold your next meeting. Improve your team’s performance when you spend (3:37) viewing this from John Medina.

The next time you want to eat that donut or have that soda that contains high fructose corn syrup, don’t consider what it will do to your body… think about it’s effect on your brain. As leaders you need your brain to work well. If you weren’t Brain Anatomya champion, you wouldn’t even be reading this. Take a few moments this week to review this information and maybe pass it along to your team. The great thing is that if you’re taking care of your brain, the rest of your body is going to be pretty healthy, too!

HUGE thank you to Raquel Rothe of SleepEZ Diagnostics for some of the research I conducted for this week’s list and to Allen Foster for always being the “do you think this isĀ interesting?” guy on Sunday afternoon that I turn to and who, well, puts up with me šŸ™‚

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