Will you fuel your fire this week? (Part III of III)

So we’ve learned how to manage our attention (Part II) and how to make better decisions (Part I).

The last set of choices found in the book The 5 Choices, the Path to Extra Ordinary Productivity, are how to manage your energy.

The Jaymes Family at beachIn my leadership classes clients learn how to design their time around their time metabolism which is mapping which parts of the day your mind is sharpest and your body is most willing vs what is required of you.  For instance, if you have tons of energy but nothing is required of you physically at that time it might be good to schedule exercise during that part of the day.  If your mind is sharpest in the morning, start your day doing the toughest tasks that challenge your mind.  Discover each of your team member’s time metabolism mapping and you can create meetings and group tasks around each person’s peak performance hours.

The last of the 5 choices is:  Fuel Your Fire; Don’t Burn Out!

I could probably write the book on both parts of that statement.  Many of you probably could, as well.  I know very few successful people who have not learned from a serious bout of burn out and most have some experience with learning what their limits are – although we all push them to the very edge, right?

Here’s some things to consider if you want to keep your fuel burning optimally:

SCHEDULE stress management activities.  All of them!  Schedule your workouts or when you will walk or take a break during the day.  Schedule 5 minutes to meditate – which means just to clear your head and concentrate on your breathing each day.  Mark your calendar, right now, for those days and times that are set aside for rest and relaxation.

TAKE YOUR VACATION.  They are stress busters.  In a study of  2,300 workers who receive paid vacation, only 51% use their eligible paid vacation time and paid time off.  That’s bad enough until you consider that 61% of us work while we are on vacation!  NOT GOOD!  Not good for our bodies, our brains, our families and especially not for our health.  The picture you see is one my friend Rose James sent me a few years ago when they took a great family vacation.  I just loved that shot and what it conveyed about truly recharging.

Start being the one that sets the example that people think better when they have given their brain time to rest.  Families function better when they’ve had time to connect with one another and have meaningful conversations and time to laugh and have fun.

TAKE THIS ASSESSMENT ABOUT YOUR ENERGY from The 5 Choices and have your team members as well this week.  Rank your answers on a 1 to 10 scale.  1 being “Not like me at all” and 10 being “A lot like me”.

  1. I get up and move regularly throughout the workday.
  2. I have a consistent exercise program that boosts my energy.
  3. I eat in ways that provide sustained energy throughout the day.
  4. I have a pattern of eating nutritious food at every meal.
  5. I get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
  6. I am satisfied with the quality of sleep I get each night.
  7. I have effective coping strategies to deal with stress.
  8. My lifestyle supports my ability to manage stress.
  9. I take time to connect regularly with the important people in my life.
  10. I regularly connect with the purposes and values that make my life meaningful.

The results of this assessment will help you know if you are on track or not to fueling your fire.  You are strong, capable, smart and worthy.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t.

If you want extraordinary results and to reach your highest level desired outcomes, you need to create a plan to manage your stress on a daily basis.  Burn out is ugly, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I had a blast being the keynote speaker at the HHHunt annual awards luncheon last week.  What a fun group of folks!  Jennifer Moran made the planning of my custom designed presentation easy and resulted in relevant content for the group, I think.  She did a great job leading the organization of the event for her team.  Each division dressed up in different costumes or wore special apparel, like tshirts, to represent themselves.  Batman, a Mutant Ninja Turtle, and some groups dressed from the movie Men in Black.  There was so much laughter in the room their energy and enthusiasm was contagious!  What a great idea it was for their leaders to help foster a new culture for their company and get their team members to feel connected.  Bravo, HHHunt!  You guys sure did fuel my fire!

HHHunt Awards Luncheon



HHHunt Award Luncheon


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