Will you forget the 6-pack abs and study the science of success this week?

The longer I train and coach leaders the more real science I can point to that verifies how to accelerate your success.

(There’s a special event on April 26th where I use these findings to accelerate professionals forward progress.  You can find out more about it at the end of this article.)

Here’s some action items to consider this week as you decide which things to focus on for you and your team:

Your brain. Forget the 6-pack abs.  Focus on a better brain and your whole body will get healthier.

  1. Exercise your body in a variety of ways.  Change up your routine.  If you run, go hiking.  If you walk, try do some short sprints along the way.  If you do Yoga, try a different routine.
  2. Feed your brain the right food.  Your brain loves Omega-3 fatty acid like what is found in salmon or fish oil pills.  Try blueberries and almonds along with spinach, coconut oil, and broccoli.
  3. Learn a new language, or how to play a new instrument, or memorize poetry.

Your emotional intelligence. Healthy relationships are the cornerstone to long lasting success.

  1. Be open-minded and aware of how your actions effect others.  As I write this article in Barnes and Noble a woman has chosen to take a phone call behind me and talk loudly for the last 20 minutes.  I’ve glanced back a couple of times, as have others, to indicate that she is the loudest one in the entire store.  This does not seem to have phased her.  Interesting.
  2. Emotional honesty.  Saying you are “fine” when you are not doesn’t move the ball forward for you or anyone else.  Owning your emotions by using “I” statements and letting others know when they’ve done something to upset you or something you liked or enjoyed will go a long way to developing more meaningful relationships and will quickly raise your EQ.
  3. Always be improving.  Which of the four areas of EQ would you like to work on this week?  Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, or Relationship Management.

Your ROI.  Focus on your return on investment of time, energy and money.

  1. Which relationships have the highest return for you?  Do you invest in those that have high emotional and long term rewarding payoffs?
  2. Which activities net you the highest return of your time investment?  Are you intentional and pre-plan what you will spend your time on this week and what the returns will be when you focus on those things?
  3. How will you invest your capital?  How much of it is for this week, month or year and how much of it will reap benefits for years to come?

I’m excited to announce a one-time only, special event I have partnered with Big Lick Entertainment to produce.  It’s called Let’s Talk Roanoke:  The Science to Success.  It’s designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners, who want to quickly improve their Emotional Intelligence to take a big leap forward in their success.

It’s Sunday, April 26th from 2p-4p at the CoLab in the Grandin Area of Roanoke, VA.  CLICK HERE if you want to find out more details, or just respond to this email and I’ll get you everything you need.  It is DEFINITELY worth the trip from Richmond or Northern Virginia or Radford that day to attend.  I’ve never done an open workshop like this one before and the take-a-ways are going to be HUGE for you, I personally guarantee it!

If you’ve been through any of my classes and have wanted to have your spouse or friends learn DISC, this is the event, at the right price, to invite them to.  It should be super fun!

I was invited to be the keynote speaker for the kickoff of Radford University’s Communication Week last Tuesday.  What a blast!  About 200 participants packed into a lecture hall and were fully engaged in learning to make the shift from focusing on problems to creating what they really wanted in their careers and life.  It was truly a gift to be a part of that event.  A big thank you to Lisa Baker who did a great job of coordinating everything and being such a wonderful host!


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