Will you follow tips to get promoted this week?

Last week’s Launch List was the most read in our history of more than 187 articles.  If you missed it, CLICK HERE to read “Will you have rich habits this week?”

I thought a good follow-up would be to let you in on tips for who gets promoted, who doesn’t, and why.  To be at the top of the food chain your organization needs to promote you or you have to obtain and keep customers that are impressed by you and your company.  These tips match both situations.

Some of the reasons might surprise you just a bit.  Many people want to seem irreplaceable.  They don’t learn to delegate well, they cringe at the idea that someone else might do their job better than they do, and they don’t learn new skills.  (None of our readers think like this of course.)  Unfortunately, here’s the fact that they miss.  Irreplaceable people don’t get promoted.  For some people, this is shock and awe!  It’s true though.  If you want to get promoted someone is going to need to replace you, so it’s best practices to document your job, train and develop subordinates and cross-train lateral colleges.

Here’s some tips from the book by Donald Asher, Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why.  (This is a link to the most updated version).

IF you are overly ambitious, here are some tips:

  1. The world is set up for early birds.
  2. It’s a fact that team players go far.
  3. Know when to keep your mouth shut.  (Remember last week’s “habits of the wealthy list” only 6% speak freely)
  4. It’s your client who writes your paycheck.
  5. Sales matters in everything. (Read Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human)
  6. Don’t waste energy trying to figure out how you’re getting screwed.
  7. Understand rush season.
  8. Demonstrate passion.
  9. Manage your review process.  (hint:  ASK FOR FEEDBACK)
  10. Find your guardian angel.  (Mentors rock!)

WANT to get noticed by people higher up in the food chain?

  1. Write well.
  2. Speak well.
  3. Present well.
  4. Travel.
  5. Volunteer for everything.
  6. Nail a special project.
  7. Put in the hours.
  8. Deliver the goods.
  9. Watch your credentials – constantly improve your skills.
  10. Watch out for the Christmas party, or any party.
  11. Praise others – spread the credit.  (4x appreciation and recognition to 1x correction is the ratio to follow.)
  12. Dress professionally.
  13. Be ready at all times.
  14. Develop a leadership demeanor.  (and mindset)
  15. Hygiene matters.
  16. Avoid thankless tasks.

ONE thing to follow for sure:

Give your boss the information that matters.

HERE’s the full article these tips were pulled from.

I was the keynote speaker at the VLA Mayor’s breakfast on Tuesday and had the privilege of speaking at the Public Safety & Diversity Conference to help amp up attendees influence.

Here’s a picture of the Mayor’s breakfast.  It was a privilege to meet and sit at the table with past Presidents of the VML and speak to so many wonderful leaders who have chosen to serve their cities in Virginia.  I was hired to inspire them.  Turns out the did the same for me.

VML Mayor's breakfast

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