What will you focus on this week?

Focusing on a clear vision of what you want will lead to success for you and your team.  Many times, we instead, focus on what we don’t want which can lead us straight into the Dreaded Drama Triangle.

KNOW THIS:  You have a choice of what to focus your mind on.  Many times, we can’t immediately change our circumstances, but we can choose to change the way we are perceiving them.  Simply ask yourself and your team this week, “What do you want?”  Sometimes you need to ask multiple times to get your highest level thinking.

READ THIS:  A quick overview of what the DDT is and the antidote to it – TED – The Empowerment Dynamic.

Choose this week to be a coach rather than a rescuer, a challenger instead of a persecutor, and a creator instead of a victim.  You will change, your team will change, and so will the results you are getting.



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