Will you fail this week? Lynda’s Launch List for week of 5-28-12

Fantastic!  It will put you and your team in great company!  Innovation only comes from pushing the limits of the ordinary and usual.  Leaders don’t always make the safe or convenient choices… they are bold and take

Walt Disney

Walt Disney

risks.  Thomas Edison failed over 700 times before he found the secret to creating the light bulb. Walt Disney went bankrupt before he created Disneyland.  Angry Birds was software makers Rivio’s 52nd attempt and it took them 8 years and they almost went bankrupt before they figured out how to be successful.
So, how will you view failures this week?  Great leaders fail to see failure as fatal.  They learn, they grow, and they try again.


YOU are in good company.  Want to be inspired by others who failed?  WATCH THIS.

FIND ways to… work inside your strength zone and outside your comfort zone.  Intuit, General Electric, Corning and Virgin Atlantic are just a few of the companies that welcome failure.  READ THIS to find out why.
As a leader, you WILL face failure.  The question isn’t whether you will experience it, but what you will create because of it.  The best leaders take calculated risks, see each failure as what not to do next time, and encouage their team members to do the same.  As a champion, you have the opportunity to be as focused as Steve Jobs was after each of his failures, as dedicated as Abraham Lincoln was after his many defeats, and courageous as Richard Branson is as he tests his personal and professional limits.

THANK YOU to Kimberly Eakin, and Michael Guessford for their contributions this week.

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