Will you discover what you don’t know this week?

“I remember the day my older brother learned that farts make noise. I was five, he was seven. A gaggle of us neighborhood kids were hanging out in our kitchen thinking we were so cool because our parents let us stay inside while they ate dinner outside. My brother bent into the refrigerator and, as if it was scripted in a movie, let out the loudest, most reverberating fart we’d ever heard. The group of us about died from laughing so hard. Meanwhile, my brother who had been born deaf, heard nothing. He grabbed the drink box he’d been fishing around for, turned and came face to face with the frenzy of laughing. He broke into a huge grin and said, “Do you mean to tell me that farts actually make noise?!”   *Excerpt above comes from Marisa’s book Culture: More than Jeans and Margarita Machines.

We don’t know what we don’t know until someone tells us. You want your employees to be doing the best work possible. Many times they don’t know what’s holding them back. When this is the case they can’t create lasting positive change because they don’t know what they are trying to change. Coaching them will uncover the areas that need improvement and present them with the tools necessary to achieve success.

*Excerpt above comes from the book Culture: More than Jeans and Margarita Machines.

READ THIS: The Huffington Post article, Life Coach Help: The Questions Coaches Say You Need to Be Asking Yourself. It highlights four questions you can ask yourself or your employees in order to start the process of making lasting changes.

STOP THIS:  Thinking that you know your blind spots. You might know a few things you need to do differently to be more successful but there’s a good chance those around you have some very real information that could surprise you.

 START THIS: Asking questions about your blind spots. Ask the question, “In the past two weeks, what is one thing I did that you wish I’d done differently?” Accept the feedback, even if it’s difficult to hear, without debate. Thank the person for being honest with you, tell them you are going to work on improving. Walk away and use that information to make changes in yourself.

You might want to ask someone this week:  Based on the information they gave you, what is one thing you can do to make lasting change? 

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