Will you balance competence and warmth as you lead this week?

Your team members or customers are asking two critical questions when they interact with you.  “What are this person’s intentions towards me?” and “Is he or she capable of acting on those intentions?”  According to this month’s Harvard Business Review article, these two assessment questions underlie our emotional and behavioral reaction to other people, groups and even brands and companies.  As a leader, here are some steps to take to build trust with people you want to influence:

 READ THIS:  Probably one of the best articles on where we go wrong, as leaders, in communicating and quickly building trust with our teams and our customers and how to fix it.  CLICK HERE to get the article:  Connect, Then Lead by Amy Cuddy, Matthew Kohut and John Neffinger.

 STOP THIS:  Putting competence and strength first.  “Warmth is the conduit of influence:  It facilitates trust and the communication and absorption of ideas.”  When you communicate warmth authentically it contributes significantly to others’ evaluation of us.  Once they feel your warmth, then they want to know that you are capable of producing results.

 START THIS:  validating your team member’s feelings.  Find a point of agreement.  During change, your team may feel anxious and insecure.  Acknowledge these feelings by addressing the elephant in the room.  People will respect you for it.

 WATCH THIS Some quick thoughts from Jack Welch, former CEO of GE about building trust as a leader.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH this less than 3 min video.

Have you set your desired outcomes for this week yet?

What is your vision for your team in the coming year?  What steps do you have in place to communicate your vision, ensure engagement with your team, and accomplish your desired outcomes? 

Do you regularly communicate your vision to your team?  Are they actively engaged in the vision?

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