Will you ask the right questions this week?

As a leader, you may sometimes feel like you need to have all the answers, but maybe you need to be asking the right questions at the right time to the right people.  Here’s some resources that might help you ask…

Employees…How can I help you be successful and how are you helping your peers to be successful? are two good ones.  To learn how to ask your employees more powerful questions, Michael Hyatt has some suggestions that might help in this article.

Customers…There’s tons of free tools now, along with the old tried and true one of simply asking customers when you are talking to them, that you can use to discover better ways to serve them.  These 12 are really good and I liked this one, especially, as it will help identify blind spots you might have in your customer service process – “Name one thing that we do and don’t do that annoys you.”

About your company culture… does your culture support and encourage questions?  Here’s an ebook I found that can have a powerful impact on your culture about Leading With Questions.  This is one you would print.  It’s 22 pages full of rich, Quadrant 2 (Stephen Covey), content.
Yourself questions like, “What are my three highest intentions for today?” or “What went right yesterday?” or “Who do I need to connect with today in a meaningful way?”

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a reset button on a situation or relationship try this one:  “Can we start over?”

I was powerfully impacted this week when I taught a course at a corporation in Lynchburg.  We witnessed a moment of leadership transformation as we watched excellent leaders go from good thinking and actions to great ones.  Thank you to the outstanding leadership team who inspired us.  They are true servant leaders whose hearts and heads are aligned.

Which leadership topic do you think will have the most impact on your success?  Let me know and I’ll add it to an upcoming list.
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