Will you ask for feedback to reveal your blind spots this week?

A few weeks ago we published Part I of the recording with Douglas Stone, author of Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well. 

Thanks for the FeedbackIn Part II of of this recording, best-selling author Douglas Stone and host Kevin Scott, they discuss how to get feedback on your blind spots and why it’s important to give all three kinds of feedback… appreciation, coaching and evaluation. Listen in as Jeff and Douglas share practical tips and strategies for seeking out feedback and offering feedback to others in your organization.

Do you let others know what type of feedback you are seeking?

There’s an order to giving and receiving feedback that we have found builds trust rapidly and leads to the best results.

1.  Set expectations

2.  Appreciate efforts and what is going right

3.  Evaluate what needs to stop and start happening

Do you celebrate your successes each day or do you criticize yourself for what didn’t go right today? 

Start with celebrating yourself and then practice on others.  Appreciate your effort on a consistent basis and the things that are going well.  Reach out to your team members to let them know when they are on track and that you appreciate their efforts.

I was invited by Chris and Betsy Head to the Pops in the Park concert today to enjoy the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra.  I had a great time with them and everyone else at the table!   The 5 guys that played the plastic tubes were the bomb!


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