Will you apply what you’ve learned this week?

Smart people like you build upon their knowledge and continually refine their craft. You probably like to learn new stuff, too.  I’m even going to guess that you’ve attended a few seminars, workshops, and read some great books on how to improve your performance, be happier, or improve your health, relationships, or communication this year.

The real question is how much of it have you applied?  There’s 37 days left in 2013.  That’s plenty of time to replace a habit that is not working for you with one that will.

If you want to reach your highest-level desired outcomes in 2014 you need to pick ONE THING to change at a time. Here’s where most people go wrong.  They pick more than one habit to change at a time and our brains literally have a hard time processing too many major changes to our thought processes at once.

Pick the one thing and be sure to turn it into a PERMANENT habit.  That means you have to be fully committed and if your rear end falls off you still do that new habit.  So pick it carefully.  Go back through all that information you paid for and collected. Pick the one thing that you know you need to change.

CHOOSE CAREFULLY:  the one new habit you will create in the next 37 days.  Be sure to know exactly why you think that creating this new habit is important to achieving your highest-level desired outcomes.   You will have some hard times and hard days to stick to this new habit and you need to be able to quickly answer the hard questions, during those times. Why must I suffer?

DON’T DO THIS:  say you are going to do it tomorrow.  Do it right now!  Take one, small step right now.  Maybe the baby step is declaring it to someone else to create an accountability partner for the change.  Take out a piece of paper or switch over to a clean screen and type out your next 3 steps for creating this new habit.  Who will support you?  What will your reward be from achieving it?  How long will it take to achieve?

KNOW THIS:  You know exactly what you really need to do to reach your potential.  The answer isn’t in a book, in this list, and won’t come from someone else.  If you are being honest with yourself you know the habit you need to change.  Change it.  No more excuses.

You and I are the same.   You and I can achieve whatever we know we are capable of.  We just need to take the first baby step, right now.  I know you can do it.  You can be and have whatever you believe is possible.  There is only the present moment to realize it.

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