Will trust increase your bottom line this week?

The lack of trust could be costing you and your company money.  When it exists in your work environment innovation happens fast.  When it doesn’t you loose valuable employees and customers.  Here’s some resources to get things done more quickly through building trust this week:
WATCH THIS: Speed happens when people truly trust each other (Edward Marshall).  This quick video (2:50 min) with Stephen R. Covey, Jr. (author of The Speed of Trust) gives a great example and some strong points about how trust can benefit you and your business.
READ THIS:  How Trust Saves Time article outlines the ways that you save time when there is trust by enjoying repeat business, a premium price, staff retention, freedom and you are more valued. 
DO THESE:  10 behaviors that demonstrate trust which include: Being self-aware, influencing more by your actions than your words, using trust elevating communication techniques, demonstrating competence as your starting point and more.

CONSIDER THIS:  This report is based on statistical data about how trust effects employee retention.

As an executive leader, you can set the example of trustworthiness.  Consider the 6 elements of trust that Amy Foster, author of The Serving Leader toolkit describes which are sincerity, reliability, competency, standards, time and involvement.  Consider each of these areas as you create trust on your team and with your customers.
I trust you will have a fabulous week! 
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