Will others perceive you as confident this week?

Your ability to clearly communicate, in a positive manner, along with getting along well with others can help establish a reputation of confidence and professionalism.  The result of not being seen as confident can remove you, your thoughts and opinions, from consideration.  People that lack confidence can sometimes be invisible in certain work environments.

To be seen as more confident, here’s some things that might help:

 READ THIS:  Be sure to do your research and be up on the most current news of your organization and your industry along with the company you are looking to influence in any situation.  Some tactics in this article include looking the part, showing interest, not being a snob, and being gracious.

TRY THIS:  Start by setting small steps that you can measure and celebrate.  Over confidence can be as destructive as low confidence.  THIS ARTICLE is helpful to measure how you may seem to others.  It provides a chart of self-confident vs low confident behaviors.

WATCH THIS:  Brian Tracy teaches in this 3:24 min video and shows the 4 stages of self discovery – 1.  Self-disclosure, 2. Self-awareness 3. Self-acceptance 4. (what’s interesting is that this is an excellent watch, but poor Brian might be getting a little absent minded as he leaves off what number 4 is.  I am going to take a guess here and think maybe it’s Self-empowerment or confidence)

An exercise that might be helpful for building your confidence would be to write down 5 reasons you love YOU.  What attributes do you bring to a working relationship that add value? Do you have a celebration file that contains print outs of emails where people have thanked you or remarked about the excellent work you have done for them?  This type of file, when viewed on days that it’s tough to recognize our brilliance, can be a lifesaver.

I can guarantee you this.  If you have read all the way down to this part of the list this week or any week, you have LOTS to be confident about.  Winners read, learn and share their knowledge with others to help them develop and grow.  You wouldn’t be reading these words if you weren’t a leader and winner!  Congratulations on starting your week with the attitude and focus you need to reach your potential!

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