Who will your leadership be about this week?

A letter to you, the leader.

Yes.  It is about you.  The leader.  Your vision.  Who you are.  It is also about them. Your team members that choose to follow you.  Their vision for themselves and how your vision is or is not in alignment with that. They need to follow the rules and standards you’ve both agreed to.  It will be their effectiveness in reaching a shared vision that will determine the fate of your organization and your leadership legacy.

So maybe that path to success is not going well for you right now.  Your team is not as engaged as you know they could be.  Maybe you aren’t either.  The vision you thought was clear to everyone and yourself has lost it’s initial luster.  Now what?

You may have to dig deep.  Deep within yourself to find the courage to face the current reality of the situation and ask for some reinforcements to help.  First, though, you may need to change a belief that anyone from the outside could possibly know and is competent enough to help your team, your organization, and possibly you.  You need to raise your hand and say, “The vision of what we want to accomplish and who we want to be as an organization is more important than any of our egos.  Even mine.”

Consider starting by getting out of the “must be seen as” , “I am better than”, “I deserve” or even the “Less than” boxes and move instead into the “we can overcome any challenge in front of us” state of mind.  You are the leader.  If there is an issue that needs addressing you need to step in front and be the first one to say that if something isn’t working it may be something you need to change in what you’re doing to improve the results we are getting.

So, yes.  It is about you.  You are the leader.  You hold the light that will remind and ignite the shared vision to illuminate the path in front of your team.  It is them, though, that will have to walk down it with you so maybe it is best to take the time to know who they really are, what they want to achieve and what they truly care about if you can’t do it without them.

Lynda McNutt Foster
CEO, Cortex Leadership Consulting

Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right words to express the respect you feel and the encouragement you want to convey to a leader.  It may also be challenging to know how best to motivate them to reach out and collaborate with others when they are stuck.  The letter above may be something that could be a discussion starter or simply a note to self if you are a leader.  It may also be used to send to the leaders of your team or the leader who leads you.

Of course, this was written by a still recovering “must be seen as” leader who continues to learn every day.  Thank you for taking the journey with me.  My intention is to inspire you and your team to reach your highest level desired outcomes.

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