Who will you spend time listening to this week?

We often discuss the Dreaded Drama Triangle* (also know as the Karpman Drama Triangle) in our classes at Cortex Leadership.  We have found that the more a leader listens to those stuck in the DDT mindset, which may include themselves, the less successful they are at reaching their desired outcomes.


Who did you discuss your last challenging situation with?

Did they simply dismiss your concerns and focus on the “positive”?

OR,  Did they amp up the drama surrounding it?

What did you feel like after you were finished talking to them?  More informed?  Drained?  More upset?  Empowered?


Who do you trust with your toughest challenges?  Do you trust the same person whether it be financial, business related, team related, etc?  OR, do you simply keep most of your challenges to yourself and you are your only council?


Do you have “go to” people based on the type of challenge you are facing?

Have you created a “brain trust” of individuals that have different areas of expertise and talents?

Who is feeding your brain this week?  Each conversation is feeding it something. What is it?  Being intentional about who you are listening to is a powerful step towards more effective leadership through higher level thinking.

As promised, here’s another installment of my father’s comic strip that was published in our local, Homestead, FL, newspaper when I was growing up.  This may be the first time he introduces my character, Wendy, to readers.   I was 10 years old at the time.  I remember him making a deal with me that he would buy the speed skates I wanted to so badly if I would work for him for $2 an hour, in his studio, until I paid him off.  I remember they were like $150.  A true teacher at heart, and by previous trade, he forgave my debt after about 50 hours of time served and an embedded value of working for what you really want.  (Dad, if you are reading this, I am NOT giving you the last 25 hours I owe you!)

Introduce Wendy




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