Who will follow YOU this week?

John Maxwell developed a 5 level system for leadership.  To achieve Level 4 leadership he believes you and your team must demonstrate excellence, you must be a mentor and coach to your team for the purpose of their development, and people follow you because of what you have done for them.  Here are some techniques for reaching Level 4…

WATCH this… Jack Welch, former CEO of GE teaches us what the most important part of building a successful company is… the people.  He talks about which principles and experiences drive excellence. “don’t do it for the stockholders… do it for the guy in the shop”.  (about 5 minutes)

READ these… lessons from leaders in the Tech industry like “for your company to grow, it might first need to grow up” or “be bold.  the times will catch up with your innovations” and more.

Your team is your biggest asset.  As a leader and champion your ability to empower, motivate, and recognize their contributions will determine your ultimate level of success and development.  Don’t look over your shoulder for guidance, look for mentors, coaches, and trainers that stand out in front and can guide you to the highest level of skills, resources and behaviors that will expand your potential.

Thank you to the leaders at Hanwha for inspiring Lynda’s Launch List this week.  These dedicated, hard-working, intelligent group of leaders are focused on excellence.

I was honored to give a keynote presentation at the annual PWR Marketing Summit.  Thanks to their President, Bettina Altizer, for inviting me to speak at that event.


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