Which perspective will you have this week – yours or theirs?

It’s pretty easy to see things from your own perspective.  Connecting with your team, or others, to motivate or engage them, though, requires the ability to see things from other people’s perspective.  Here’s some things that might help you get even better at this skill:

DO THIS:  According to Daniel Pink in his new book To Sell is Human, research is proving that using your heart (or empathy) is good when it comes to gaining perspective, but using your head  to know what the other person is thinking is even better.  Try what Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos uses.  Put an empty chair in front of you or in your next meeting to represent the person who isn’t there.  Your boss, the customer, your team member.  Do your best to remember that if you are conveying a message to them it’s all about THEM not you.  Get into their head and try and figure out what would matter to them the most so you can craft your message or your decision for them.

DON’T DO THIS:  Multitask while you are supposed to be listening to someone else. Multitasking is a myth.  Our brain can concentrate on one thing at a time.  We just get really good at switching from one thing to the next.   Here’s the research to prove it if you need it.  CLICK HERE 

TRY THIS:  Ask more questions to your boss, your team, or your best customers this week.  Find out how they see something you are working on.  Getting another person’s perspective can be as easy as just asking them, “How do you see this?”, “What do you think?”  “How would you go about this?”

A client of ours in class this week told us about the one thing they were working on this year to be a better leader which was to be more present.  They were concerned about giving up the concept of multitasking and just focusing on the task at hand.  To their surprise they have become MORE productive instead of less and their ability to listen fully to others on their team has had a major impact on reaching the desired outcomes they wanted.

One of the most valuable gifts you can give to another person is to let them feel and be heard by you.  As a leader, listening in a present state of mind can have a powerful impact on the outcomes you want to achieve.  I know you care or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Take one small step this week towards gaining perspective by asking more questions and listening more quietly.

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