Which leadership abilities will you spot this week? (Part III of III)

In the last two Launch Lists we have explored how to spot talent and measure potential in your new hires and existing team members.  When measuring talent, you want to also investigate three other aspects.

The first two aspects are intelligence and values.  In measuring intelligence, assess their abilities to analyze, also their verbal, logical reasoning, and mathematical skills.  Investigate the types of education and experience they had.   General intelligence does not increase dramatically over time.  Your IQ is pretty set, it’s your EQ (emotional intelligence) that you can be developed.

Values can not be imparted on the job.  Values are things like honesty and integrity and should be measured against your organization’s core values.

Number 8When it comes to measuring leadership abilities, according to the HBR article 21st Century Talent Spotting there are eight that you can focus on to determine a candidate’s potential in a new position.  Here are questions to consider in each of these areas:

  1. Strategic orientation.  Have they exhibited the ability to engage in broad, complex analytical and conceptual thinking?
  2. Market insight.  Do they know the market you are in and how it’s conditions will affect your business?
  3. Results orientation.  Have they shown the ability to improve key business metrics for your company or others?
  4. Customer impact.  Do they have a strong desire and passion to serve your customer?
  5. Collaboration and influence.  Do they work effectively with peers, vendors, or partners even when they are not in the leadership position?
  6. Organization development.  Can they spot talent?  Who have they developed in the past?  What were the results of the time they invested in others success?  In what ways have they improved organization’s they’ve worked for through the people that reported to them or that were on their team?
  7. Team leadership.  Describe a project that required them to focus, align and build a team that resulted in deliverables that improved an organization’s bottom line.
  8. Change leadership.  When did they face a challenging new change and were able to align their team to obtain the desired outcome that the organization had required for growth?

Having a “good feeling” or “liking” someone is not enough in today’s competitive business environment to choose who will become leaders in your organization.  Your ability to attract, spot, recruit, develop and retain talent will be one of the main factors in determining your long-term success.  Help yourself and your organization by using the questions supplied in these 3 Launch Lists and by utilizing assessment tools that are readably available, inexpensive and effective at assisting you in choosing talent for your organization.

At Cortex Leadership Consulting we supply a series of assessments like DISC, Motivators and even a new one that will measure someone’s development in 23 different leadership competencies.  You may qualify for one free set of assessments if you are an HR professional or lead a team of 100 or more.

I would love to show you how impactful using science can be when added to the proper interviewing skills to spot and recruit talent for your organization.

Will you let me celebrate your satisfying accomplishments?  Send me your celebrations so we can post your wins.  Successful people, like you, are measured by their growth mindset.  Keep going and growing!



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