What’s your mood going into this week?

Lynda’s Launch List will help you save time, and other resources to propel you productively forward this week.

TRY this… FB has a video app that anyone can use from your FB account.  Simply click on chat and click on the picture of the little video camera on the top right hand side of your chat box.   Like magic, it hooks you up to Skype and calls the person.  SAVE precious TIME not driving to an appt but instead, see if you can change just ONE appt to a video call this week.  It’s like you’re face-to-face without the trip time.

READ this… and know who to, when to, and how to delegate.  CLICK HERE to read the article.  GREAT stuff!
EXPECT this… from people that want to meet during your peak performance hours… that they deliver a high level of value.
ACCEPT this… only premium performances from yourself and your team this week.

WATCH this… (language warning – this guy is raw but wonderful!)  Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Crush It! and business owner that knows how to make money through social media – 2 min Q & A excerpt from fantastic 1-hour speech to Inc audience.  Worth the 2 minutes and then you’ll want more for sure.  CLICK HERE  to watch video.
DO this… the next time you get angry.  Grab some ice and put it in both hands and squeeze tightly.  Doing this each time you feel super angry can program your brain to associate the level of anger with pain and will help curb those strong emotions in the future.
You are a championIf you have read down this far I KNOW that you are a champion.  You have the deepest desire to win!  It is that passion and drive that will make this week productive and make you an even more effective leader.  Dig deep, keep going.  Reach higher.  People are watching you.  You make a difference.
Thank you to Kimberly Eakin and Allen Foster who submitted items this week for consideration on the list.  You guys are so dog gone smart – I appreciate you!

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  1. LOVE Gary Vaynerchuk. Great video. Thanks.

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