What will your reward be this week? (Part V of V)

When was your last deeply satisfying accomplishment?  Most people I ask have to think a moment before they can answer.  Yes, they can think of satisfying accomplishments.  Deeply satisfying… now that might take a minute.  Deeply satisfying accomplishments come with rewards that deliver more than money or an award, but rather a deeper emotional experience that you probably worked hard to obtain.

When working through the 5 Steps of Empowering Leadership, gaining knowledge of what reward you will receive when a vision is fully realized, a project is complete, or a campaign is executed, along with knowing what the reward will be for others to engage with you is critical to experiencing deeply satisfying accomplishments.

Use these 10 questions as you think about your week, month, or year ahead:

  1. What do you want?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. What will be your reward when you receive it?
  4. Who will help support you in getting it and why will they support you?
  5. How will you obtain their support?
  6. How do you want them to support you?
  7. What obstacles do you think you or your supporters will face along your path of achieving what you want?
  8. What resources will you need to be able to achieve your desired outcomes?
  9. What 3 actions will you need to take to achieve what you want?
  10. Which behaviors will you need to modify in order to achieve your desired outcomes?

Try printing this list for your next two or three projects, upcoming crucial conversations, when you are coaching a team member, or even as you strategize your next marketing campaign.

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