What will your executive brand be worth this week?

When you received your W-2 for last year were you satisfied with the number it showed you?  If you want to know where you’ll see the result of the effort you put into developing your executive presence, or brand, it will show up in your paycheck and net worth.  The more credible, connected, trusted, and competent you are perceived as by others, the higher the number will eventually be on what counts the most in businessyour personal bottom line.  Here’s some tips to increase the value of your executive brand:

DO THIS:  Know that everything communicates something.  The skill is in knowing how your executive brand is being perceived by others.   Getting objective feedback is a great way to be sure that you are hitting the right target with your brand.

READ THIS:  A Forbes article about what Executive Presence is and some insights on how to improve it.  Karen Friedman says “Oftentimes people who exhibit executive presence exude a “wow factor,” or magnetism, and are able to easily influence others. They often speak up, use strong and clear language, communicate with passion and energy, and display positive body language by standing tall, making eye contact, offering a firm handshake and using an authoritative tone of voice.” 

 WATCH THIS:  to find out what is the worst thing that can happen to your executive brand.  

 BE THIS:  On time, skilled in your field, comprehensive in your approach, friendly in your demeanor, and global in your thinking.  Top level performers get paid the most because they can communicate their vision and objectives effectively. 

As a leader, being aware of what your brand is communicating about you is essential to gaining the financial success you may want.

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