What will your customers experience this week?

I’ve never had a client tell me that their customer service sucks.  In fact, almost all the clients I have coached have told me that theirs is excellent.  Since some had declining revenue when we got started, I would argue that believing you deliver good customer service is not enough.   What’s needed is customer-centered products, services, and processes that focus not only on every customer touchpoint to remove any friction points but also on the entire customer experience.

50% of a customer experience is subconscious, or how a customer feels.  It is not just about the ‘what’, but also about the ‘how’ according to Beyond Philosophy.

READ THIS:  An article from HBR (Harvard Business Review) on improving your customer experience.  It explains that looking solely at individual transactions makes it hard to identify where to direct improvement efforts.  Most customer’s aren’t fed up with any one phone call, or other interaction but rather on the cumulative experiences across multiple touchpoints and in multiple channels over time.

THE FACTS:  The companies that are have had explosive growth manage each touchpoint to remove any friction points (things that make you hesitate during the buying or being serviced experience) and the overall experience customer’s have with their product or service.  Apple is a master at it.  From the time you see their packaging, to opening the box, to turning on any of their devices you fall in love.  My iPads, MacBook, and iPods literally fix themselves by just turning them off for a few minutes.  How about Amazon.com?  They deem it a failure in the way they’ve set up their systems if you have to call customer service.  Your call or note means to them that the process wasn’t easy or quick enough to just guide you through without issue.

WHAT TO DO:  Customers for you could be internal or external.  Have someone that doesn’t have a “dog in the race” secret shop your company or department.   Have them note every part of their experience.  When did they experience something they didn’t expect… good or bad.  Have this done several times to see if the experience a potential customer has is consistent.  Most important, believe what you are told.  The feedback is priceless!

Take the time this week to examine your customer experience.  Just one improvement could make a big difference.




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