What will you take a vacation from this week? Lynda’s Launch List week of May 7 2012

Here are some thoughts on what you might want to take a vacation from this week as a leader.

WINNING…Some thoughts from Steve Jobs that could change your thoughts about committees and whether you want to win that next argument. WATCH this. (2:26)

BEING.. to hard on yourself.  Perfection is not possible.  Doing a little better each day, each week, is.  Take a vacation from harsh words directed at yourself and your performance this week.  CLICK HERE for more ideas on this.

NOT getting enough sleep.  When you are taught a new skill your performance does not improve until you receive at least 8 hours of sleep.  Your brain needs sleep to effectively process information.  Sleep makes you smarter!  READ more.  (scientific reading… good to skim… well, it could help you sleep)

What will you take a vacation from this week?ONE electronical device.  Could you, for just one week, not use one electronical device you use more than 8 hours a week?  Maybe it’s your TV, or Facebook, or your iPad.  Dare I say it… your smart phone?  Notice how you are able to obtain or process information without it.  Notice how present you are when you’re not using it.

PEOPLE that don’t empower you.  Take an inventory.  Are there people around you that don’t challenge your thinking, support you when you need it the most or encourage you?  Take a vacation from those people for 7 days and see how you feel and what you are able to accomplish without them.  You might even create new relationships that become powerful resources to move you forward.

Leaders, like you, continue to learn and grow even when it’s hard, even when they’re tired, even when they’re just not sure how they’ll apply it.  It will be that one article, book, conversation they had, seminar they attended… something that they can use to help empower, support, and encourage someone they serve that will make them champions.

THANK YOU to the following contributors of this week’s list – Kimberly Eakin, Michael Guessford and of course, my husband, Allen, who always gives me the male point of view as I make my final cuts… yes, and he’s WAY smarter than I am!

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