What will you stop doing this week?

You might want to consider permanently eliminating a few things from your work day in order to create more focus and clarity.  Here’s some research that might give you some ideas for doing just that:

READ this:  9 routines like stop taking the same follow up approach, stop having open ended meetings, or stop using email to schedule meetings, are a few of the 9 listed that could be helpful reminders of what not to keep doing.

TRY some of these… 7 ways you’re wasting time like overloading on administrative work or micromanaging employees or letting daily developments drive you.

Watch this: (2:37) Things like time blocking so that you can complete your highest level, creative, work are one of the lessons in this edushort video.

As a leader, deciding what to stop doing can be a bigger indicator of your future success rather than what to start doing.  Steve Jobs, a true champion in business, was a master at this.  When he returned to Apple he had the company stop working on dozens of projects and allowed them to only focus on 4 of their best concepts.  Guess which one now accounts for 58% of their revenue.


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