What will you keep doing this week?

A great tool for helping you and your team stay on track for peak performance is a process that has you asking, “What do we need to start, stop and keep doing?”  This simple, but amazingly effective tool will provide you and your team with a clarity that will propel you forward.

TRY THIS:  Ask yourself and your team members what you need to start doing, stop doing and keep doing?  It’s also great for giving and receiving feedback, refocusing on your goals, and creating the needed adjustments to achieve your desired outcomes.  Analyzing what you are doing, in this way, can help you discover what actions or tasks are not leading to achieving what you want.

USE THIS:  form to help guide you through the process.

READ THIS:  A summary of the process, how to use it effectively with your team this week, and why it works.

This process can help you discover what is working and what isn’t, can save you tons of time.  Taking those few minutes with your team or each team member to receive this feedback is invaluable for determining the right path to move forward.  The only way you can be sure to make the time to do important exercises like this is to schedule them on your calendar and prioritize them is critical for keeping your company on track.

Thank you to our loyal readers and clients who have referred us and encouraged us with their wonderful reviews of the work we are doing.  We are proud to serve you and watch you grow and prosper.

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