What will you graduate from this week? Lynda’s Launch List for wk of June 4, 2012

Is there something you need to move past in order to move forward?  Try these techniques if you want to truly graduate from something this week…

Make it non-negotiable… if you’re serious about a change you want to see, make it a non-negotiable item.  There’s not a whole lot of things you can put on a non-negotiable list, so pick carefully and then stick to it.

Be accountable… to someone you respect.  When you truly are graduating from something that isn’t serving you or your team, choose a person or group to be accountable to about it.  They can help support your decision, lend resources when necessary, and you won’t want to let them down.

Write it down… and refer to it often.  Staying on track can be hard, for you and your team.  If your new non-negotiable item is truly something you and your team want to stick to, post it and refer to it often.

Synergy Master's Program group photo from retreat

Synergy Master's Program

Congratulations to the 31 graduates of the Synergy Master’s Program!  Our graduates, throughout the last 8 months, have graduated from lots of things that weren’t serving them and their teams and stretched to reach some pretty big, audacious, goals!  As a leader, you have the opportunity to be the change you want to see.  Stand firm.  Be Strong.  Love the challenge.  You are a champion and champions love the contest and the struggle.  Concentrate this week on what you need to graduate from and just do it!
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